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Our Story

"A journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step." - Lao Tzu.

My name is Daniela, a Bolivian living in the United States, and the person behind by... Nancy "All the pretty things." 

I always dreamt to become an inspiration to women by being fun, spontaneous, fearless, and passionate like my mom when she started her own business with very little resources back home, and little by little made it succeed.

Feeling motivated by her courage of being a single working mom of 5 children and always with a positive attitude towards adversity like when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2012. I decided to start my journey with “by… Nancy”, named after her, and pay tribute to her memory and her ability to fight until the end with a pink theme across my website and my Instagram feed.

As a full time working mom and wife, many times I ended up with no time to style my hair. This is when scrunchies and fun looking hair accessories like hair clips  and headbands saved me, and made me look well put-together.

Throughout my website, you will see scrunchies that I personally hand make using the finest quality fabrics.  I make sure they all have a professional and high quality finish at the end of the making process. I also ensure to provide high quality, easy to wear, and affordable hair accessories and women's apparel. 

My mission is to provide women with high quality and affordable essentials such as hair accessories and women's apparel. 

My goal is to bond women with their own selves and help with getting themselves together to start their journey to invest their time in what really matters.